Ultimate Guide On How To Use Frankincense Oil On The Face

There are so many potential benefits to using essential oils in your everyday life.

Ultimate Guide On How To Use Frankincense Oil On The Face

There are almost endless types of essential oil that all offer different benefits to your skin, health, and hair. 

One of the best essential oils for your skin is frankincense oil.  

Frankincense has so many different benefits for your skin, especially the skin on your face. 

Best of all, there are multiple different ways in which this mighty essential oil can be used to enhance your skincare routine. 

In this article, we will look at the best ways to use frankincense oil on the face. 

What Is Frankincense Oil?

Frankincense oil comes from the sticky sap that is produced by the Bowellia Carterii tree, otherwise known as the Bowellia Sacra tree. 

It is native to Somalia, Ethiopia, Yemen, India, and China.  

Frankincense essential oil is extracted from the sap of the tree through the process of steam distillation. 

This produces a pure essential oil that can provide so many benefits for your skin when applied topically. 

The use of frankincense stretches back hundreds of years.  It has so many different uses in almost all aspects of life. 

However, it is most useful when it comes to natural skincare.  

Benefits Of Using Frankincense Oil On The Face

As with all essential oils, there are multiple benefits that can be obtained through a single use of the product. 

Below, we will look at some of the benefits that you can gain from using frankincense on your face. 

Antibacterial Properties

Frankincense essential oil is naturally high in antibacterial properties. 

This is one of the main things that make it such a good ingredient for DIY, natural skincare remedies and products.  

If you are prone to acne or breakouts on your face, you are likely to see a huge improvement if you regularly implement frankincense in your skincare routine. 

Not only do the antibacterial properties of the oil help to treat the underlying cause of acne and breakouts, but it is also naturally astringent. 

This means that it helps to remove excess oil from the surface of your skin which can help to prevent further breakouts.  

Prevent Signs Of Aging

Alongside the antibacterial properties that help to treat acne and pimples, frankincense is also highly effective at reducing and preventing common signs of aging. 

This is a particularly attractive benefit for anyone who is starting to notice fine lines and dullness on their face. 

Studies have shown that topical application of frankincense essential oil can help to reduce redness and sensitivity in your skin (see also “Sensitization – What Is It And How To Reduce The Risk“). 

It has also been found that regular use of frankincense oil can help to strengthen your skin and improve the overall tone, elasticity, and protection from blemishes.  

Incorporating frankincense oil into your daily skincare routine can help to prevent the early development of fine lines and wrinkles. 

It will leave your skin looking fresh, smooth, and youthful.  

Improve Relaxation And Mood

As a side benefit of using frankincense essential oil in your daily skincare routine, you may find that it helps to make you feel more relaxed and improve your overall mood. 

These are common benefits that have been found with aromatherapy uses of the oil

Although adding frankincense oil to your daily skin routine isn’t primarily motivated by aromatherapy, it can still be a benefit. 

As you apply frankincense topically to your skin, you will inhale the aroma of the oil which has been shown to help improve mood and help you relax.  

How To Use Frankincense Oil On The Face

Now that we have looked at all the benefits of using frankincense essential oil on your skin, it is time to look at some of the ways in which you can apply this wonderful essential oil to your skin.

Frankincense Serum

A facial serum is an incredibly important step in a detailed skincare routine. 

It is already packed with potent ingredients that help to keep your skin in the best condition possible. 

Adding some frankincense essential oil to your serum can help to boost the skin benefits of your skincare routine. 

When adding essential oil to your serum, ensure that you stick to the proper dilution ratio for the oil. 

With frankincense oil, you should not exceed a ratio of 5%.  Exceeding this can cause adverse reactions.  Essentially, if you have 100 ml of serum, don’t add more than 5 ml of essential oil.

Frankincense Moisturizer

Even the most basic skincare routines should include moisturizer. 

Without adding moisture to your skin, you are much more likely to notice fine lines and wrinkles developing. 

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These are often caused by dehydration more than aging.  

Adding frankincense oil to your regular moisturizer is a super easy way to maximize the benefits of your routine. 

It is important to make sure that the frankincense oil is properly mixed through the moisturizer before applying it to your face. 

Remember not to exceed the maximum dilution ratio.  

Frankincense Cleanser

If you have skin that is prone to acne or pimples, cleansing your face will be an extremely important step in your skincare routine. 

Adding frankincense essential oil to your daily facial cleanser is a great way to help keep your skin clear from excess oil and blemishes. 

Frankincense is a natural astringent that can help to keep spots at bay. 

Adding frankincense to your moisturizing cleanser can add the perfect balance of oil control and moisturization to avoid over-compensation for the oil removal.  

Frankincense Face Mask

If you are wary of adding essential oils into your daily skincare routine in case of adverse effects, you can also create a more intense but infrequent treatment. 

Creating a frankincense face mask is a great way to add the benefits of this amazing oil to your skincare. 

It is possible to add a few drops of essential oil to a store-bought face mask.  This is the most simple way to add frankincense to a weekly treatment. 

However, if you want a more personalized and tailored face mask, you can make one from scratch. 

There are plenty of recipes online to make a natural facemask. 

Alternatively, a basic mask can be made from a carrier oil (see also “Best Carrier Oils For Lips“) such as coconut or avocado with a few drops of frankincense oil . 

Be careful when washing a frankincense face mask off.  Getting essential oils in your eyes can be incredibly painful for a while. 

Frankincense Spot Treatment

If you suffer from bad breakouts caused by oil or hormones, you might want a more intense spot treatment. 

This can be made by diluting frankincense with a carrier oil at the maximum dilution ratio of 5%. 

Simply apply the solution to your pimples and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing. 

This will allow the astringent effect of the oil to get to work.  It can also help to kick start the healing process and avoid scars. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Add Frankincense To Each Step Of Your Routine?

This is a question that only you can answer depending on how sensitive your skin is. 

When you are adding frankincense oil to any step of your skincare routine, it is important to remain below the maximum dilution ratio. 

If you are only going to be adding the oil to a single step of your routine, it is perfectly safe to add the maximum amount of frankincense possible (5%).  

However, if you are going to be adding frankincense oil to every product that you use in your skincare routine, you might want to add a lower ratio. 

Adding too much frankincense to your skincare products can lead to irritation and sensitization in the same way as exceeding the maximum ratio.  

Ultimately, if you have sensitive skin, it is best to begin by adding frankincense oil to one product at a low ratio to see how your skin reacts. 

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of different ways that you can use frankincense oil on your skin to help improve your skincare routine. 

Frankincense oil holds so many benefits for the appearance and health of your skin including anti-aging and protection from blemishes and acne.

Mia Greene
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