How To Make The Ultimate Sugar Scrub With Essential Oils

There are so many ways to introduce essential oils into your everyday routines. 

From using diffusers to taking aromatherapy baths and even using them in cleaning products. 

However, you can also introduce them into your beauty routines to really make the most of their aromas and health benefits. 

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There are so many benefits to using an exfoliating scrub for your body or your face in your beauty routine.  Using a scrub can remove dead skin and leave your complexion radiant and fresh. 

Unfortunately, many store-bought ones still contain small plastic beads.  Thankfully, you can make a homemade sugar scrub, and best of all, you can enhance it with essential oils.

What Is A Sugar Scrub?

A sugar scrub is a product that is used during skincare routines and showers.  It is made using natural ingredients such as sugar and oils. 

The sugar helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of your skin.  The oil helps to keep your skin moisturized and feeling soft. 

It is possible to purchase sugar scrubs from stores, however, these are likely to contain additional ingredients to prolong the shelf-life of the product. 

When you make a sugar scrub at home, it is completely natural and contains only the ingredients that you add. 

You can use homemade sugar scrubs on your face and body without fear of an adverse reaction thanks to the natural ingredients.

Materials Needed To Make A Sugar Scrub

There are a few basic materials that you will need to make your sugar scrub at home.  The best thing about sugar scrubs is that you are likely to have all the ingredients in your home already.  

The first thing you need to make a sugar scrub is, of course, sugar.  Almost any type of sugar will do, besides powdered sugar. 

Below, we will look at some of the best types of sugar to use.  However, any household sugar can be used in a pinch. 

Then, you will need a carrier oil.  This is sometimes called a base oil.  The carrier oil is essentially the substance that helps to create the scrub and keep the sugar just falling off your body. 

Again, there are many types of oil that can be used as a carrier oil and we will look at some below.

Finally, you will need some essential oils.  The essential oil that you use for your scrub is entirely up to you and can be chosen for its health benefits or its aroma. 

If you make a sugar scrub in small batches, you can change the essential oil frequently. 

How To Make The Ultimate Sugar Scrub With Essential Oils

How To Make A Basic Sugar Scrub

Once you have all your ingredients together, it is time to begin making your sugar scrub. Because there are so few ingredients, the process of making a scrub is super easy. 

1. Take a large glass mixing bowl and add the dry sugar to it.  The amount of sugar that you use will depend on whether you are making a scrub for your whole body or for just your face. However, to get the consistency right, we will use a cup of sugar for this recipe. 

2. Add ¾ cup of your chosen carrier oil to the sugar.  Mix them together with your hands or with a wooden spoon.  You can add more carrier oil to the scrub if you think that it is a bit dry.  Try to avoid making it too wet though. 

3. Add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to the scrub and mix it through.  Be careful not to add too much essential oil as this can make the aroma overwhelming. 

4. Your scrub can then be stored at room temperature in an airtight glass container for up to 2 months.   

You can make your sugar scrub in different consistencies and volumes for different parts of your body. 

For example, sugar scrub for your legs can be drier, and therefore, rougher than other scrubs that you make.  However, if you want to make a scrub for your lips, you will want it to be more moist and gentle for delicate skin.  

You can play around with the different consistencies that you can make when creating your homemade scrub. 

The consistency you end up with will depend on your own preferences and how sensitive your skin is. 

What Is The Best Sugar For A Sugar Scrub?

As we mentioned above, it is possible to make a sugar scrub with just the regular sugar that you have in your pantry in a pinch. 

However, there are so many different types of sugar that you can use depending on the results you want from your scrub. 

Superfine Sugar

If you have delicate skin or are looking to make a sugar scrub for your lips and face, using superfine sugar is perfect.  Scrubs made with this sugar will not feel too rough or abrasive on your skin. 

Brown Sugar

Although it is possible to use regular granulated sugar for a scrub, it can be quite rough.  Brown sugar is a gentler option for your skin. 

It also produces a more aesthetically pleasing product in the jar.  Scrubs made with brown sugar can leave your skin feeling soft and smooth with a shiny glow. 

Turbinado Sugar

This is a raw sugar that has large crystals which are great for creating body scrubs. 

However, the best thing about Turbinado sugar for a body scrub is that it is raw sugar.   This means that it still contains plenty of vitamins and minerals that can help to keep your skin healthy. 

What Is The Best Carrier Oil For A Sugar Scrub?

There are multiple types of carrier oil that you can use for your homemade sugar scrub.  Most carrier oils are vegetable oils. 

Their purpose in a scrub is to provide moisture and to dilute the essential oils to make them suitable for topical applications.  

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is easily obtained from grocery stores and health food stores.  This is an oil that is rich in antioxidants and properties that moisturize and condition the skin. 

Coconut oil has been found to help reduce sun damage on the skin.  Using fractionated coconut oil provides a non-greasy residue.  

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is another great carrier oil.  Although this oil is incredibly heavy, it doesn’t leave any greasy residue on your skin. 

This oil is naturally high in nutrients that can be absorbed through your skin.  Avocado oil is also great for maintaining the elasticity of your skin with continued use.

Apricot Oil

Another non-greasy option for carrier oil is apricot oil.  This is a particularly great option for sensitive skin because it is so gentle. 

This can be a great option for face scrubs and lip scrubs.  Apricot oil is also great for dry and mature skin because of its incredibly moisturizing properties. 

Jojoba Oil

This is an odorless oil that helps to make the most of the essential oils that you use for your scrub. 

Jojoba oil can also penetrate the skin quickly which means that more of the moisturizing properties will absorb into your skin before you wash the scrub off.  This is a great option for all skin types. 

How To Make The Ultimate Sugar Scrub With Essential Oils

What Is The Best Essential Oil For A Sugar Scrub?

There are so many different essential oils that you can add to your sugar scrub to get different benefits from it. 

Depending on what you want from your homemade scrub, you can choose essential oils for their health benefits or for their aroma. 

Below are some of the best essential oils for different sugar scrubs. 

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is an incredibly popular essential oil to add to a sugar scrub.  This is a great choice if you are planning on using your body scrub in a relaxing, hot bath.  The lavender aroma can help to promote relaxation and feelings of calm. 

In addition to the calming effects of the aroma, lavender oil also has benefits for your skin.  The lavender essential oil can help to balance moisture levels in your skin. 

It can also help to reduce redness and inflammation in the skin.  This is an incredibly gentle oil that is suitable for all skin types (see also “Best Oil For Gua Sha Massage“). 

Peppermint Essential Oil

The aroma of peppermint essential oil has the opposite effect of lavender oil. 

This is a great oil to use in your scrub if you want to feel energized and revitalized when you use it.  This can also be a great choice for lip scrubs to provide a small plumping effect too. 

Peppermint oil has also been proven to be good for acne-prone skin.  This makes it a great option for a face scrub that can help with oily skin and pimples.  

Orange Essential Oil

Another great option is orange essential oil.  The aroma of orange essential oil is refreshing and revitalizing. 

It can help evoke feelings of spring and summer to lift your mood, especially in the fall and winter months. 

Orange oil also has plenty of benefits for your skin when it is applied topically. 

This oil has been proven to help promote collagen production and support healthy circulation within the skin. 

Regular topical application of orange essential oil can improve the texture of your skin and give you younger-looking skin. 

Frankincense Essential Oil

If you are more interested in the benefits of the essential oil that you add to your sugar scrub rather than the aroma, frankincense can be a great choice. 

Frankincense does have a distinctive aroma but it is not as strong as some other essential oils.  This can be a good oil to mix with another to make a blend. 

When frankincense is applied topically to the skin, it helps to tone and lift the skin.  It can also help to give the appearance of younger, more youthful skin. 

This makes it a great option for a face scrub or a full body scrub. 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is another great option to add to a homemade sugar scrub. 

While the aroma of this oil isn’t overly strong or appealing, it has plenty of benefits that help to give you the best skin you have ever had.  

When applied topically, tea tree oil can help to unclog your pores and clear your skin. 

Tea tree oil has also been shown to help to heal existing breakouts and old acne scarring.  It can also significantly reduce redness on the skin. 

This oil is incredibly moisturizing on a deep level and can help to relieve dryness and flakiness. 

How To Make The Ultimate Sugar Scrub With Essential Oils

Benefits Of Using A DIY Sugar Scrub

There are so many benefits of using a homemade DIY sugar scrub on your skin.

While using any scrub can be good for your skin to remove dead skin cells and properly clean your skin, store-bought ones can be as damaging as they are beneficial. 

When you purchase a body scrub from a store, there is a high chance that the exfoliating particles are made of plastic or are too sharp for use on the skin. 

This can result in damage to your skin in the long run and can cause more issues.  Using a homemade scrub can help to avoid this because the sugar particles are more gentle than synthetic ones.

Sugar scrubs made at home are super beneficial for your skin because of the basic ingredients that they contain. 

Sugar is a humectant which means that it doesn’t strip your skin of its oils.  Also, the carrier oil that you use will provide intense moisturization that will help to improve the overall look of your skin.  

Massaging your damp skin with a homemade sugar scrub can be an incredibly relaxing experience, especially if you have used essential oils that promote feelings of calm.  This can provide physiological benefits as well to help you unwind and relax. 

A non-beauty-related benefit of homemade sugar scrubs is that they are extremely inexpensive, especially when compared to the scrubs that you can purchase from health and beauty stores. 

This can be important when you are trying to maintain your beauty routine on a budget. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many benefits to using a homemade sugar scrub that has been made with different essential oils. 

Making a homemade sugar scrub is super simple and easy.  Best of all, you can make this scrub in the perfect amount to avoid wasting the product and your money on expensive store-bought scrubs.

Mia Greene
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