14 Calming Essential Oils That Are Perfect For Meditation

Meditation is a great way to relax your body and mind, but if you find that you need a bit of an extra boost when it comes to maintaining your tranquility, then essential oils are the perfect way to do so.

14 Calming Essential Oils that are Perfect For Meditation

Combining essential oils with meditation can do wonders for your anxiety in a range of ways, such as using them with steam diffusion, tissue diffusion, or candle diffusion to name a few. But what essential oils are the best to be used during meditation? 

In this article, we are going to be looking at fourteen particularly noteworthy choices when it comes to the best essential oils for meditation. Let’s get started.  

Ylang Ylang

Ylang-ylang has a floral scent that is beautifully bright, offering an uplifting scent that can be beneficial to meditation. 

This brightness in scent is perfect when it comes to reducing anxiety and creating an uplifting feeling, which can be a great help for those dealing with feelings of sadness. 

Make sure to use ylang-ylang essential oil as sparingly as possible, though, as it does have a particularly strong scent.


This scent is a popular one when it comes to relaxation, making it an excellent choice of essential oil when it comes to meditation. 

Lavender is well suited for combating stress and calming the mind, as well as helping to put your mind in a relaxed state, also making it great for you to get a restful night’s sleep. 


Sandalwood has been used since ancient times in all kinds of different religions for spiritual reasons as well as in chakra work due to it being a particularly potent grounding oil that offers a sense of clarity. 

The scent of sandalwood is also wonderful for relaxation thanks to the earthy and woody scent.  


When it comes to an inexpensive choice of essential oil with a highly refreshing scent, peppermint is the perfect choice. 

As well as providing a fresh, wintry smell, peppermint is an essential oil that is well-suited for those seeking mental clarity, which makes it perfect for use during meditation (see also “Essential Oils That Improve Mental Health“).  


Much like sandalwood, patchouli is another essential oil that is focused on grounding and balancing emotions and thoughts in a positive manner. 

Patchouli can aid with the calming of the body and the mind, whilst also helping with concentration and focusing energy. 


One of the key elements of meditation is focusing your breathing, which can be a tricky skill to master for many people. If this is something that you struggle with, then eucalyptus is definitely the essential oil for you.

Eucalyptus essential oil can also be useful for those with general breathing issues, as it can support respiratory functions. 


This is one of the best choices of essential oils to use for meditation, having been used for thousands of years across different religions and cultures for heightened spiritual awareness. 

Frankincense has always been a popular calming essential oil thanks to its encouragement of clarity, balance, and peace, all of which can aid with meditation greatly. 

Palo Santo

14 Calming Essential Oils that are Perfect For Meditation

This essential oil is particularly unique, with a fragrant and woody smell thanks to it being derived from the Palo Santo tree- translating to “holy wood”- which is native to South America.

As well as being used to clear negativity in the air when burned as a diffuser, Palo Santo essential oil has a history of being used by native shamans due to its grounding properties and calming energy. 


Another excellent grounding essential oil, vetiver is somewhat lesser known than some of the other, more popular essential oils, but is just as effective thanks to its powerful calming, and soothing properties. 

This oil is extracted from the vetiver grass plant- which is native to India-, and has a distinctive natural smell with grassy undertones that pairs well with other kinds of oils, such as citrus oils, cedarwood oil, and ylang-ylang oil.


This stimulating essential oil is extracted from jasmine plants and is another historical oil that has been used for centuries, such as in Ancient Egypt, China and Persia. 

As well as being a mood lifting essential oil, jasmine is also well suited to meditation due to its calming properties and relaxing nature. 

Clary Sage

This essential oil is made from the clary sage herb, grown natively in Central Asia, the northern Mediterranean Basin, and North Africa. 

Much like some of the other oils we have mentioned, it has been used for thousands of years, with written records that mention clary sage medicinally going back to the 4th century BCE. 

Clary sage essential oil has a stress relieving effect and is great for relaxation, with a herby, fruity and earth scent. 


Herbal tea enthusiasts are sure to be well-versed in the calming properties associated with chamomile. 

It is also well suited to meditation because of this, along with its stress-relieving properties, and relaxing nature.  


Derived from the flowers found on the bitter orange tree, neroli essential oil has a sweet scent that is often used to clear the clouds from the mind and reduce negative emotions, making it a great choice for those looking to engage in meditation to uplift their spirits. 


Last but not least, cedarwood is another calming choice thanks to its grounding properties and its encouragement when it comes to emotional balance. 

The woody and earthy fragrance of cedarwood also blends well with other kinds of essential oils, such as chamomile, lavender, and frankincense. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have fourteen different essential oils that are perfect for use during meditation!

No matter how you choose to use your chosen essential oil as you embark on your meditation journey, you are sure to find the oil that suits your particular preferences best with the help of our extensive list (see also “Essential Oils To Repel Bees and Wasps“).

Mia Greene
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