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Mia Greene

Hi, my name is Mia Greene, and I am the creator of AromatherapyUnited.com! I’ve always had a deep passion for healing, and I know the importance of not only physical healing, but holistic healing too. 

While modern medicine has come an immense way, holistic health is just as important, as it can aid the mind, body, and spirit too. If you are interested in your health, then you have to consider the person as a whole, and not only nurture your physical health, but your mental and spiritual health and wellbeing too. 

This is where essential oils come in handy. 

I’ve been using essential oils for longer than I can remember. My mother is a holistic doctor and has influenced me throughout me entire life. She always had new-fangled ways of healing any ailment I had while growing up. 

Whether I needed something to help me focus on my school studies, or a means of getting a more restful sleep before a big event, my mom had an oil for every occasion.

So, growing up, the use of essential oils was always ingrained in me. As an adult, when a friend would say they had a headache, or a common cold, and I would offer oils to help them, they would often laugh me off as crazy! But, once they tried it, they couldn’t get enough of the power of essential oils! 

This is what inspired me to create AromatherapyUnited.org. I wanted to create a space to share the benefits and impressive properties of essential oils, and spread awareness of their healing powers. 

Not so many people believe that essential oils actually work, and I want to change that notion. Here at AromatherapyUnited.com, I can give you guides of the best essential oils for headaches, concentration, meditation, sleeping, hair care, you name it! 

Join me here, and learn about all of the benefits and uses essential oils have to offer.


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