Ultimate Guide To What Essential Oils Are Good For Focus And Concentration

When you have something important that you need to focus on, there is nothing worse than not being able to maintain concentration for the necessary amount of time. 

There are plenty of things available to buy from health food shops and medication that you can be prescribed by a doctor to help you focus when you need to.  

Ultimate Guide To What Essential Oils Are Good For Focus And Concentration

However, some people would rather try out remedies that don’t involve medication or ingesting things to improve their ability to focus. 

This is where essential oils come in.  There are so many essential oils that can help you to improve your focus and concentration when you need to.  

Can Essential Oils Really Help You Focus?

Although it can be very easy for people to be skeptical about the ability of essential oils when it comes to health and mood benefits, there is some science that backs up their usefulness.

There is a network of cells inside your brain that is known as the limbic system. 

 This system of cells responds to sensory stimulation, including aromas.  The limbic system connects your nose to your brain and can carry the scent of essential oils to cause a significant mental response.  

The olfactory bulb at the top of your nose is incredibly sensitive and can trigger memories and emotional responses when it detects specific aromas that are meaningful to you. 

It is this effect that helps essential oils (see also “How To Make The Ultimate Sugar Scrub With Essential Oils“) to have a significant impact on your concentration and focus.  There are certain scents that can encourage your brain to focus and help you to get a task done. 

Essential Oils For Improved Focus & Concentration

If you are interested in the benefits of essential oils, you will know just how many there are to choose from.  However, not all essential oils have the same effect on your body and your brain. 

Below we have created a list of some of the best essential oils to help you improve your focus and concentration. 

Rosemary Oil

There have been numerous studies that have looked into the effects of rosemary oil on the body in terms of memory and focus. 

When you inhale rosemary oil, the aroma activates the nervous system.  This in turn arouses brain activity and leads to mental clarity and awareness. 

Many people choose to use this essential oil to improve their focus and concentration specifically because of the smell. 

Despite the intense effect that this oil can have on your brain and ability to focus, the aroma is actually quite light and calming.  This makes it great for use around other people.  

People with epilepsy, people who are pregnant, and children under the age of six should avoid using rosemary oil topically.  However, diffusing it is perfectly safe.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense is another essential oil that has been proven to provide boosts in focus and concentration.  This oil works to improve concentration indirectly by balancing your nervous system. 

If you are feeling disorganized and scattered rather than composed, frankincense can provide you with a calming effect to help you regroup and concentrate.  

Frankincense essential oil has been used for thousands of years in various ways.  It has long been used to help alleviate symptoms of illness, anxiety, and inflammation. 

The best thing about this oil is that it is effective when applied to any part of your body.  

Frankincense is a rare oil that is safe to use on children as young as two years old, although it is best to use diluted versions to protect sensitive skin. 

Lavender Oil

Lavender is arguably the most popular essential oil of all time.  It is most commonly used to promote states of relaxation and calm. 

However, it can also be incredibly useful when you are trying to focus on a particular task. 

The aroma of this oil helps to calm your mind which can be useful when anxiety and stress are preventing you from concentrating on the things that you need to do. 

Studies have also shown that lavender oil can be used to increase alertness and regulate the nervous system to improve neurological disorders. 

Lavender essential oil is great for topical use and for diffusing.  It can also be used with anyone of any age which is great if you have children who are struggling with focusing on school tasks. 

Lemon Oil

The most important thing to note about lemon oil is that it is distinctly different from lemongrass oil, although both oils are good for concentration. 

Research has shown that lemon oil can have a positive effect on the symptoms of depression.  

If you are struggling to focus because you are experiencing low mood, lemon oil can regulate dopamine and serotonin levels in your brain. 

Regulating these chemicals helps to settle your thoughts and improve your ability to focus. 

The citrus notes of the lemon oil help to improve alertness which can also have a knock-on effect on your focus. 

People also find that when they use lemon oil, they make fewer mistakes when completing tasks such as typing. 

Pine Oil

Pine is an essential oil that is perfect for use in tandem with other oils, however, it also produces a significant effect on its own. 

Pine oil is renowned for its healing abilities.  It is able to remove feelings of sluggishness that can make it difficult to concentrate on a specific task. 

Pine oil has the ability to reduce feelings of fatigue and improve feelings of alertness.  Feeling more alert can help you to focus on a certain task or multiple tasks more easily and effectively. 

Pine oil is generally considered to be safe for use by anyone over the age of two years old.  This makes it a great choice to help the whole family concentrate better. 

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is another very well-known essential oil.  This oil has long been used to help people recover from the effects of colds and the flu. 

However, it is much more useful than that.  Not only does it clear the sinuses well, but it can also help to make your mind feel decongested.  

Many people claim that eucalyptus oil helps to promote positive energy and can help to brighten your mood.  This can help to provide you with a greater ability to focus on your task.  

Although it is possible to apply eucalyptus oil topically, it works best when it is inhaled through an inhaler or diffuser. 

This essential oil can be used on children, however, it is best to use a diffuser and only use it when the child is congested as it can cause slow breathing in some people. 

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is another incredibly popular essential oil.  The refreshing aroma is perfect for awakening your senses and making you feel more alert.  The alert feeling that comes with this oil helps you to feel more focused.  

The aroma of peppermint is incredibly stimulating and can help to keep you focused and motivated on a task for longer than you would without the oil. 

Studies have also shown that peppermint can help to reduce the symptoms of a headache which can also make it easier to focus. 

Patchouli Oil

Patchouli is another essential oil that can help you to improve your focus and concentration during times of stress and chaos. 

This oil is particularly useful if your inability to concentrate is stemming from mental stress or the symptoms of ADHD and anxiety.  

Regular users of patchouli oil claim that the aroma of this essential oil has a strong grounding effect.  This can be incredibly helpful when you are feeling stressed or like you are spinning out of control. 

Studies have shown that the aroma of patchouli oil can help to reduce the chemicals caused by stress that can be stored in your body. 

Sandalwood Oil

Another essential oil that you may already have in your collection is sandalwood oil.  This is an oil that is commonly used during meditation settings and even in certain spiritual rituals and practices. 

Studies have been conducted that recognize sandalwood essential oil as an effective aromatherapy tool that can help to naturally improve attention and focus. 

The main study into these effects focused on alpha-santalol, the main compound found in sandalwood oil.  It was shown that this compound helps to stimulate higher levels of focus and engagement. 

Orange Oil

Orange oil is another citrus-based essential oil that can be used to help improve focus and concentration.  This oil works particularly well when you are distracted by feelings of stress and anxiety. 

Orange oil is useful for reducing levels of stress and anxiety which can help you to regain clarity and focus. 

The most effective way to use this essential oil for focus and concentration is to inhale it via a diffuser or inhaler. 

For a longer-term effect, you can also add orange oil to your cleaning products to infuse it into your home or office. 

How To Use Essential Oils For Focus & Concentration

Now that we know which essential oils are good for improving your focus and concentration, it is important to understand how you can use the oils to get the most out of them.

Ultimate Guide To What Essential Oils Are Good For Focus And Concentration

Below are some of the best ways to use essential oils at home. 

Use A Diffuser

One of the easiest ways to get the benefit of essential oils at home is to use a diffuser (see also “Benefits Of Essential Oils: What Does A Diffuser Do?“).  There are a few different types of diffusers that you can use to get the most out of your essential oils. 

If you want a constant source of essential oils, a reed diffuser is a great option.  These can be purchased from most homeware stores and online. 

The oil soaks into the reeds and consistently releases the essential oils into the air (see also “Do Essential Oils Expire?“). 

If you want a stronger but less constant release of aroma, an electric diffuser is a great choice.  These can be purchased online. 

This type of diffuser provides a stronger scent when it is in use but has to be switched on to produce aroma.  This diffuser can be cleaned to allow you to switch between essential oils more easily. 

Use An Essential Oil Necklace

Another great way to benefit from essential oils is to use an essential oil necklace.  These can be purchased online or in certain health stores. 

These necklaces are essentially made from absorbent wooden beads.  

The essential oil can be added straight to the necklace and will release the aroma throughout the day. 

This can be a great option for when you need the benefit of essential oils in a location that is not private such as in your office or another place of work. 

Take An Aromatherapy Bath

If you are struggling to focus because of stress and anxiety, using essential oils in an aromatherapy bath can be incredibly helpful.  

Not only will the essential oils that are added to the bath help to relax you or stimulate the desired parts of your brain, but the warm water can help to remove tension and stress. 

This can help you to unwind and free up more room in your mind for the task you need to focus on. 

Make An Aromatherapy Inhaler

It is also possible to make an aromatherapy inhaler.  While there are tutorials available online to make intricate and reusable aromatherapy inhalers, there is an incredibly simple method for when you are on the go. 

If you are struggling to focus and concentrate when you are out and about in public, adding some drops of essential oils to a tissue, handkerchief, or even your sleeves can be a useful method. 

By adding a few drops of essential oils to fabric that can be held to your nose, you have created a simple inhaler that can be used subtly and discreetly wherever you are. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many different essential oils that can be used to help improve your focus and concentration. 

Although essential oils offer slightly different effects, they will all help to provide clarity and improved focus when you need them. 

Mia Greene
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