In the aromatherapy community, we do not have one single leader. We have a large group of leaders, individuals from all across the world and every walk of life and experience imaginable that share their years of knowledge on the many facets of the art and science of aromatics. Many give to us freely of their time and knowledge simply for the love of aromatics and passing on the wonder that is aromatherapy to the next generations. As a community and individuals, we are all blessed to learn from them.


Have you ever wished there was a way to give back to all those that answer questions, write blogs, administer pages or groups? Here is such an opportunity!


The much talked about documentary, Uncommon Scents, is an effort to bring the many facets of the community together, to delve into this rich global community, its heritage and its future and tell the story of aromatherapy from within. It will allow us to hear and see our mentors and encouragers, sharing their own stories about what they love, have learned and experienced. It will open up new doors of interest and avenues of knowledge for each of us. There has never been anything like this and there may never be anything like it again.


The talented people behind the movie are currently in a fundraising campaign to make this history-making documentary a reality. This initial campaign, which has a goal of about one-fifth of the total needs to make this a full length feature film as envisioned, will be ending soon. So we, as a community, from groups of different purposes, different topics and different focuses can and are coming together in unity to spotlight what we have in common. Aromatherapy!


Uncommon Scents Join Hands


The epic account of aromatherapy is a beautiful giving and healing story that is richly saturated in history where the characters and plot may be familiar but there are bound to be new faces and new lines we have never heard. It’s a continuing story that needs to be told.


We invite you to join hands and show your support for the community, your mentors and aromatherapy by sharing about this documentary, the campaign and donating if you are so inclined. As little as $5 to this campaign can make a difference. As little as one supportive share of this post from each of you, within groups, on pages and personal profiles and every social media or online outlet you may think of can result in reaching tens and even hundreds of thousands of people about this inspired documentary that will make aromatherapy history. Together, we can stand united to see this vision for a feature film telling the story of aromatherapy from those who have lived it and shared it with us become more than just a dream.


Imagine, my friends. A simple click of the mouse can make an impact that will help bring the story that needs to be told to life. Become a part of aromatherapy history. It will change the world of aromatherapy and unite the community…FOREVER.    

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