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The numbers and types of injuries voluntarily reported through Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy’s injury report filing and collection system in 2018 remained steadfast with those reported in 2017. This is both encouraging and discouraging. Encouraging because it represents no increase which hopefully means the safety message is being heard. Discouraging because it also represents there is not a decrease in injuries occurring at all. 

Because the injuries reported through our system are voluntary in nature, it’s important to understand the number of reported incidences does not reflect the actual number of adverse events that are occurring frequently due to misinformation and unsafe recommendations on the safe use of essential oils. The reports and report summaries are not a total comprehensive analysis of adverse events and injuries that occur nor should they be viewed as a comparison reflection of a low percentage or ratio of injuries  to overall number of users worldwide. They do, however, represent at least some of the types of injuries and reactions that are commonly occurring throughout the extended aromatherapy community as a whole. It is clear to us, based on what we see and hear regularly, that adverse events from essential oils are often not actually recognized as such by the injured party or medical personnel and health care providers. Therefore, they often go unreported to any entity and records are not collected or kept describing the events. Only a fraction of those which are recognized and reported are submitted to Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy using the injury report filing and collection system set up to collect these types of records. This is due largely to a lack of awareness that this option is available and a reporting system exists as well as awareness it is designed to keep identities confidential or anonymous. This lack of awareness can be remedied with everyone with the professional and extended aromatherapy communities consciously and intentionally recommending others report to us as needed and by sharing the links where reports can be made as often as possible.

As dedicated members of the professional aromatherapy community, it’s our hope the  message of safe and effective essential oil usage continues to spread and reach many as we continue educating and informing home users of safety guidelines and protocols. With that also, it’s our desire for the number of those being injured and adversely affected to be reduced considerably so it becomes as much of a non-issue as possible. We can prevent needless and avoidable sensitization, adverse reactions and injuries,  with awareness, education and an emphatic respect for these potent drops of beneficial goodness.

The following is a summary of those reported adverse events voluntarily reported in 2018.  

Total Number of Injury Reports Filed in 2018

  • 53

Total Number of individuals with Confirmed Injuries Reported in 2018

  • 54

Gender of Individuals With Reported Injuries

  • Females – 50
  • Males – 4

Ages/Populations of Reported Injuries

  • Infants, Toddlers, Children (1 – 11 years old) – 3
  • Adolescents (12 – 17 years old) – 2
  • Adults (18-59 years old) – 43
  • Pregnant Women (18 – 59 years old) – 0 specified
  • Adults (60+ years old) – 4
  • Unknown – 2

Total Number of Brands Used and Associated with Reported Injuries

  • 8 Known; 1 Unknown

Total Number of Branded Essential Oil Blends Associated with Reported Injuries

  • 26 Known; Several Unknown or Unspecified

Total Number of Single Essential Oils Associated with Reported Injuries

  • 22; Several Unknown or Unspecified

Total Number of Personally Created Essential Oil Blends Associated with Reported Injuries

  • 5

Total Numbers of Diluted and Undiluted Usage and Methods of Exposure

  • Undiluted/Neat Topical Application – 19
  • Diluted Topical Application – 5
  • Undiluted/Not Solubilized or Dispersed in Water via Bath – 2
  • Diluted in Water via Bath – 3
  • Diluted After Topical Application – 0
  • Undiluted/Not Solubilized or Dispersed in Water or other water-based liquid via Ingestion – 18


Total Numbers of Reported Injuries via Specific Routes of Application
* NOTE: Some reported multiple routes of application being used simultaneously. Some reported more than one adverse event occurred with route of application methods that were varied.

  • Topical – 28
  • Inhaled – 8
  • Oral Ingestion (in beverages) – 18
  • Oral Ingestion (direct oral administration) – 5
  • Oral Ingestion (in capsule) – 5

View the 2018 Injury Report

This file contains the full reports including testimonies. There are a total of two pages. NOTE: please reference the ID #s as you scroll horizontally across each page (enlarge to 200% for best readability).

View All Injury Reports since 2014

This file contains the full reports including testimonies that have been submitted since 2014. There are a total of twenty-two pages. NOTE: please reference the ID #s as you scroll horizontally across each page (enlarge to 200% for best readability).

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