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In 2017, we saw a slight decrease in the number of injuries reported to Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy over those reported in 2016. While this number in no way reflects the actual number of injuries and adverse reactions that actually occur from unsafe usage practices, over-use and misuse of essential oils due to misinformation and recommendations, it does represent the types of injuries and reactions that are occurring throughout the aromatherapy community as a whole. It is estimated that no more than 5-10% of all essential oil injuries are actually recognized as such or reported to any entity. Only a fraction of those that are reported are submitted to Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy. It’s our hope to see these numbers drop considerable as we continue to educate and inform home users of safe essential oil use guidelines and protocols. We can prevent injuries, adverse reactions and sensitization with education and emphatic respect for these potent drops of beneficial goodness.

The following is a summary of those reported adverse events voluntarily reported in 2017.


Total Number of Injury Reports Filed in 2017

  • 55

Total Number of individuals with Confirmed Injuries Reported in 2017

  • 60

Gender of Individuals Reporting Injuries

  • Females – 48
    Males – 7

Ages/Populations of Reported Injuries

  • Infants, Toddlers, Children (1 – 11 years old) – 5
  • Adolescents (12 – 17 years old) – 1
  • Adults (18-59 years old) – 49
  • Pregnant Women (18 – 59 years old) – 2
  • Adults (60+ years old) – 2
  • Unknown – 1

Total Number of Brands Used and Associated with Reported Injuries

  • 15

Total Number of Branded Essential Oil Blends Associated with Reported Injuries

  • 38

Total Number of Single Essential Oils Associated with Reported Injuries

  • 36

Total Number of Personally Created Essential Oil Blends Associated with Reported Injuries

  • 0

Total Numbers of Diluted and Undiluted Usage and Methods

  • Undiluted/Neat – 30
  • Diluted – 21
  • Undiluted/Not Solubilized or Dispersed in Water via Ingestion – 5
  • Undiluted/Not Solubilized or Dispersed in Water via Bath – 8
  • Diluted After Application – 2

Total Numbers of Reported Injuries via Specific Routes or Application

  • Topical – 44
  • Inhaled – 11
  • Oral Ingestion (in beverages or direct oral intake) – 17
  • Oral Ingestion (in Capsule) – 4

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