Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy Injury Report 2014

During the past year, the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy has been collecting data on cases of injury and adverse effects of essential oils. This Report outlines experiences from individuals, who were directly impacted, or had direct observation of the adverse effects upon an individual who used the essential oil/blend. Reports were completed by those individuals. The Summary Report documents that users reported using essential oils undiluted in 19 incidents, and 11 used them diluted in water. Oral ingestion accounted for 17 reported effects and topically there were 15 reports.

“Zero injuries, or adverse effects as a result of consultation by a Certified Aromatherapy Professional (200 hours), or Clinically Trained Aromatherapy Professional (400 hours +).”

The intent of this report: To inform the public of some of the adverse effects that people have reported, so that we can have a greater understanding of the safe use of essential oils.

The actual data can be viewed in the Injury Report 2014 PDF file (below).

View the 2014 Injury Report

This file contains the full reports including testimonies. There are a total of three pages. NOTE: please reference the ID #s as you scroll horizontally across each page (enlarge to 200% for best readability).

Helpful Tips

When you click the link for the actual Database, the PDF may be displayed inside of your browser, or you may be prompted to download the file.

Think of what you are seeing in the browser as a “thumbnail” – because that is what it is.

In order to VIEW the PDF full size – it may need to be downloaded.


Then open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and enlarge the view to 200% (or the smallest you can read comfortably). Move around the pages with the magic hand. The file consists of 34 rows, one for each incident. Each row needs to be read horizontally across three pages of the PDF file. Refer to the column heads for the category in the Report.



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